The End of the Line - Finished Book Cover


This is my final book cover for the "The end of the Line" brief. I very pleased with my final piece and really happy with my current aesthetic. I like it, I enjoy designing in this style and it really works for me. I hope you enjoy it too and that you are eager to see more work from me! Tell your friends.

These are a few close ups of the Front, Spine and Back covers. I feel my final really flows nicely across the cover. One of the more challenging things was the actual design method. Instead of designing for a normal editorial or poster etc, a book cover needs to, in a sense, be designed backwards, due to the front cover being on the right hand side, when you'd normall start on the left. In effect, I was having to read my final piece right to left and back and front. Challenging but I really feel i've done myself proud. There were a few more changes to make but due to my ridiculous two week virus I was unable to tweak everything I wanted to.