Rotherham Art Space Update

Hello! Here's an update on the work I've been doing with the Stars In Stripes in Rotherham. I've been a bit quiet of late because we've been so busy cracking on. And Uni. And trying not to jump out of windows due to not wanting to do my Dissertation!

Hope you all had a wonderfully Cool Yule and have a great 2011!


Rotheram Arts Space - Stars In Stripes Window Painting.

All of us are extremely excited to be painting all over the windows of a 6000 ft sq. Arts space in Rotheram. Despite the cold we have trekked over twice this week already to recon the space and start drawing. It is a first for many in the collective and thus far seem to making excellent progress for our months show in January. This is my piece so far! Enjoy x (PLENTY MORE TO COME!)