Creative Spark - Sheffield Hallam University Degree Show 2011

Come to this! (Culmination of 3 years of work at University studying Graphic Design - Illustration)



Split pin character to be assembled for the book. I will post photos when I have them finished! Deadline tomorrow. Final push. 48+ hours no sleep.


TWELVE - Story Board Project

Final image in my story. It is a return to the fractured normality like in the initial images. The blood of Peter still lingers in the water, washing his entering footsteps away from the beach below. I'm thoroughly happy with the finished collection of illustrations and really hope it will show that I can story board stories effectively (together with my sketchbook workings)

ELEVEN - Story Board Project

11th image from my story. The pier is shattered and Peter is stranded on the middle of the pier, helpless.
I have yet to finish the split pin character (as character design is not my strong point) but the images will come good, once it is introduced. It will also create a more user related piece of work, something not commonly seen in the world of the 'zine'.

TEN - Story Board Project

10th Image in my story. The pier begins to cracked, isolating Peter at the end of the pier. The last remaining white feather from the previous frame begins to slowly drift into the distance. (Thought i'd made a massive cock up on my whole set of smaller images before this one, but it turns out, it was only this one that i made 70 cm x 74 cm, instead of mm. Phew)


NINE - Story Board Project

9th image in my story. After math of the Peter's Bird's investigation beneath the forbidden pier. A single white feather and a blood stained darkened sea remains.


EIGHT - Story Board Project

8th image for my story. Peter releases from its cage, his courageous and trusty bird that helped him capture the wolf at his grand father's house. It flies up to investigate the pier and disappears underneath, only to not return. Dark.

SEVEN - Story Boarding Project

Image seven for the story. The final of the three on one page. I've got "Another one bites the dust" by Queen in my head as i'm working. Why never a song that I like? Or at least that's a good one that I don't like. Meh.

SIX - Story Boarding Project

Seem to be falling like dominoes now, this is the 6th image for my story. In this image, Peter is planning his "monster catching" with drawings on the wall. Really pleased with how this has turned out. I hope the rest come out okay. Still no luck with image 4...

FIVE - Story Boarding Project

Fifth image of my story boarding project is finished. FOUR was giving me a bit of aggro so i'm going to reproach it later. (maybe if i haven't thrown my laptop out the window). These next three are slightly smaller, so they can be arranged on the same illustration page, to show time passing - it will be clearer when I can show the final finished layouts)


Three - Story Boarding Project

Third, this time, finished frame for my project. 

Three - Story Boarding Project (Screen shot)

Just a little screen shot of the third image for my Peter and the Wolf sequel story. Just looked nice.

TWO - Storyboarding Project

Peter, arriving at his cousin's Beach House after leaving his Grand Father's house in the woods. This is going to be a LONG week.