"Bywyd" - Life, in Welsh, for my Welsh friend Andy. On a roll with the old illustrations at the moment. This piece is done on an old Vinyl Sleeve i sprayed white. Used permanent markers on these, pretty chuffed with this one. Hope he likes it. Peace x


Tramlines 2010 (Sunday @ Soyo)

The second day of two Live Art expos organised by George Law (of Hantu/Arcade). After the initial first time nerves on the saturday I was really relishing doing some more pieces and REALLY impressed myself with the two pieces I created on the Sunday.

And the Second...a last minute collaboration with Geo Law and Alex Godwin - my favourite piece of the weekend! Over and out from a massively chuffed T.G.P. Ball. Peace x

Tramlines 2010 (Saturday @ The Washington)

This weekend just passed was brilliant. Tramlines is the biggest free festival in Europe, and only in it's second year. It was a great honour to be able to partake in the Live Art days on saturday at the washington and sunday at Soyo. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel i really showed my versatility as an illustrator. This is the piece I created on the Saturday. A Marshmallow man, roasting a couple of humans. Sadistic...yes...but it's cool I think..?



I've gotten into doing little Jeremy Fish style pieces, Oval shaped giving a nice border and limiting the amount of space to work in as well as having to think about the negative space around it. I'm still in my early stages of experimenting with this but I have had a complete surge of ideas so i'm pretty excited about what's to come over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy this for now.

Vintage British

This is a small piece I did for a Regent Sounds Studio (London) t-shirt design that I didn't finish because I got swamped with my Academy work. I thought it was a nice little design and something I will adapt a bit further hopefully along a similar themed "London" piece when I get a little more time. Enjoy.


Be Nice When You Play With My Heart

This is a little piece I knocked up this evening. Wanted to test out a new photoshop brush i made (squares) and thought this would be a bit nice. I don't really do much "soft" stuff. Thought i'd give the octopi and dead birds a week off. Enjoy.



This is a werewolf i've done for the o2 academy "halloween" themed night in November. I'm thinking of doing a small series of posters...probably 4 (werewolf, vampire, ghoul and headless horseman) and then a final poster (probably for the final outcome) incorporating all four on one poster. I think the arms need to be a tad longer on this though looking at the photo? I hope you like it because it's the first actual, non computer/photoshop/illustrator drawing i've done and i'm very impressed that i actually still know how to hold a pen. RELIEF.

BY THE WAY - The thing hanging in front of the pink silk screen print in the background is NOT a handback. It's my Olympus film SLR. OKAY?!