Finished Articles - Grad 1 Project

So, I am extremely happy at the moment. I have finished a pretty poorly structured project at University with some really beautiful outcomes. I've impressed myself once again with my Lino Printing skills, and with this new found confidence I shall be more adventurous with my ideas. Watch this space for large, metre tall lino prints and repeat patterns galore! x

Business card in it's surround with detail of sticker.

Business card when it has been assembled. Something to stand on the desk, rather than file in your wallet/purse.

Tote bag in action - Modelled by Ashlee Allen.

Finished printed Tote bag. FOX HEAD.

The Presentation Box. Including 5 layer Lino Print on lid. Contents: Tote bag + Business card



Printed Lino Business Cards - Pre Assembly.

So I have printed my one layer business cards and I am extremely pleased with the results. All that awaits now is the printing of the canvas tote bags, printing stickers to hold together the outer surround to the business cards and also generally putting everything together. I'm really excited to see the completed run of prints. Hope you like them too. x

Printed Presentation Box - Final Completed Lino Prints

>I literally could not wait to show this. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It took me an entire day of printing to get all 5 layers down, all in Lino print. Massively chuffed. I hope you enjoy them x


Self Promotional Self Directed Project (University) - Lino Printing Layer Finals

So...University is very exciting in my final year. I have written a brief to do my own self promotional project, as I get asked for business cards regularly when doing Live Art at Soyo. This project is themed around Heraldic Design, something I have been very interested in since Year 13 at Secondary School. I will go into more detail about my project when I upload my final stuff after printing them this week because right now, quite frankly, i'm shattered and want to fall asleep watching The Event on 4OD. Here is the 5 Layer Lino print I have planned for some promotional boxes that I intend to send out. Hope you like it and I'll post the finals as and when! x


Here is a scan of two Owls I drew whilst planning some ideas for some T-Shirt designs I was asked to do for Kuji Shop. I enjoy them very much. I'm not a massively into character design but i think these have the makings to become a potential small moving image piece. (When I get some bloody time). Hoot Hoot. x

Soyo Live Art - Monday 18th October 2010. w/ Louise Wheeler and James Smart

Been a little quiet of late - tonne of University work and Kuji Shop designs getting finalised (watch this space) but here is the Collaboration with Louise Wheeler (Vealy) at last Monday's Soyo Live. This was a REALLY fun piece that we did, starting out as just a general fight, to becoming a "Bitch Fight" between at three nippled alien and a red sports bra wearing Werewolf. Also, James Smart (JXMES) did a lovely piece with his very stylised characters and also creating a great amount of depth. BOOM x


The Wick At Both Ends - 5th October 2010.

Once again the Stars In Stripes have been asked to mural a local sheffield bar and spruce it up a bit. Conveniently for me, more so than the other stripes that took part, our theme was based loosely around heraldic design, which is the same theme as my Graduation 1 project at University. WIN! I wasn't particularly confident going in as I've been a little off  with my live art of late and wasn't feeling too perky for other reasons but I seemingly manned up and pulled an absolute B-E-A-U-T out of the bag. (I genuinely impressed myself - favourite piece overall...so far!) Playing along the idea of fox hunting for our other "Woodland" theme, I created a "Vixens" herald by the ladies toilets, with Louise Wheeler creating a "Hounds" piece by the gents. I love my foxes at the moment. Enjoy!

P.S. We've been asked to, on HALLOWEEN, do live art in the Entrance to the Crucible theatre. The artists participating were hand picked from the Stars In Stripes blog. Really proud that we're starting to get some notice. Take a look at the other artists in our collective here.