On browsing the D&AD website just a few moments ago, I became completely captivated by this illustration work by Geoff Grandfield. "Our brief was to make a contemporary set of monochrome illustrations and a two-colour cloth jacket design for the factual account of a legendary mountaineering accident."

I love the simplicity on these illustrations. Often when I am challenged with working in a limited number of colours (like the "End of the Line" brief). They represent the content well, as well as being just simple wonderful illustrations.

Illustrator: Geoff Grandfield
Art Director: Eleanor Crow
Design Director: Joe Whitlock-Blundell
Client: The Folio Society


Reimagining the Past

This is a wonderful video I have seen, as posted by Creators-UK on Twitter. Superb visual effects, brilliant score as well.



Some Rough Concepts

Semi-Roughs for some flyers and posters i've been asked to do. enjoy.


Jai Paul - BTSTU this is one of the best songs i've heard in absolutely ages. Since the global domination of The XX, this is really amazing!

Creative Spark - Arts Institute of Sheffield 2010

Naturally, studying at Sheffield Hallam (Arts Institute) and having some friends in the final year, it would have been rude of me not to hop along before work and check out their show. I'm extremely glad I did. Overall it was an excellent selection of work displayed, across all the disciplines, Illustration, Advertising, Motion, Hand Made and Identity.

I was a little dubious about it being held in the Hubs (our Graphics studio), but really, I felt it was a brilliant use of space. Enough room for a lot of people still with room for people to have a chat.

I thought the overall quality of student work was absolutely fantastic. I'd kind of half sat in on a few peoples tutorials with our tutor and been really excited about their ideas, though a couple of people hadn't really presented their work to what I had been expecting, though good nonetheless. I was already to say that the tutors have some responsibility for quality control (of the presentation of students work) though actually, in the third year, they should be well practiced and efficient at presenting their work. Although, maybe a subtle hint wouldn't have gone a miss, but then again, I know that i can rely on the opinions of my peers to provide me with decent feedback as to whether they think i'm doing something correctly. That's why I come into uni and work around them, and speak to them, and live with them. If it works, definitely don't try and fix it.

The signage for the show was brilliant. A massive well done to Chris, Andy and Ross for putting it together. Works very well and looks fantastic. Would've been nice if everyone could've come up with their own little logo for their artboards, but that's probably just creating extra work that they really don't need. Maybe I'll do it if i have time? Hmmm, food for thought.

MOANS- I did feel that the lighting of the work was a bit lame. Just one light? It could've been put down to the students to provide some more lighting (something i'll be enquiring about for our final show next year)

That's about it for the moans really, It was a brilliant atmosphere, handled professionally and efficiently.

My best in show:
Andrew Lester - Brilliant screen prints and some fantastic illustration.
Jess Burton - Wonderful concept to her work and well thought out method to producing the final outcome. Really clever business card/packet also!
Alex Tizard and Jonathan Rands - Absolutely brilliant advertising concepts with some superbly produced final outcomes. Brilliant, tongue-in-cheek motion Lynx advert.

Fantastic show!