I was asked to do three t-shirt designs for one of Sheffield best Independent retailers; KUJI SHOP
Here are the final printed t-shirts, available to buy online or in store on Ecclesall Road soon! x


Mr Scruffs (ROUGHS) - Teumessian Fox

For one of my final projects of my final year of my degree in illustration (bricking it) I've chosen to illustrate some of the lesser known Greek Beasts of forgotten (or at least not often remembered) myths. I've long been fascinated by the classic tales and enthralling stories and only on further looking into the area did I find even richer and exciting stories that seemingly have been forgotten or cast aside by other popular stories. The vast majority of people will have heard of Minotaurs, Centaurs and the Kraken. But ask an every day person if they've heard of a Teumessian Fox or a Ceryneian Hind and you'd most likely receive a look befitting that of a mental patient.

I will be selecting 3 - 5 beasts and illustrate them in hoping they highlight the richness and excitement I got when reading their stories.

For now, enjoy these...x



British Identity Crisis - Editorial Brief

So, we're extremely lucky to have Lynne Chapman teaching some of us this last term and a bit and she briefed us last thursday with another Radio Times brief and a shorter space of time than the last brief Frazer set. This is been a great exercise and much to my surprise it's helped me way more than I thought it would have and I've actually really enjoyed it/now reconsidering my self directed briefs. Initially set to help us with our rough sketching and thumbnail ideas, it's turned into a piece that i'm actually really proud of.

My working quote from the text given: "We ask if Britain is having an identity crisis and, if so, whether it should give any cause for concern."

The idea of a traditional English Gentleman, made obvious by his suit and moustache being confused and using a traditional english Tea cup instead of the normal bowler hat. I liked playing with the sense of humour which doesn't often come into my work. I am extremely pleased with the rate of turn around of this piece and the quality of finishing.

Here is a piece that i tried, but didn't work quite as well as I hoped. Similar idea, just a different layout.


Alzheimer's Editorial Brief - Radio 4 (Uni)

My final piece for a University set brief.
"The Olfactory senses in the nose can evoke memories by associating them with smells"
The idea behind my work comes from the phrase "An elephant never forgets" and utilising the trunk as an image to link memory to the nose. It is slightly more conceptual that I usually work, though not the strongest piece of conceptual work I could have produced. I feel it still works well as an editorial piece as the elephant trunk is quickly identifiable and with the heading linking to "Memories" or "Alzheimer's Disease" works well with the text.