WOOD CUT/CUT WOOD (and the occasional finger)

Wood cuts are now being produced for my greek mythology project. I felt it appropriate as the wood would lend itself nicely to providing a degree of authenticity, despite the greek myths...well, being myths. So far the process is going much quicker than I anticipated (which is a good thing that I am certainly not taking for granted) but quite painful as the occasional accidental stab-myself-in-the-hand happens. Oops.


"Woodlands Series"

"Woodlands Series" is a 4 piece drawing I have done over the past day, incorporating some recent pattern work i've been experimenting with. All pieces are drawn onto some old rigid postal packet. Being a hoarder pays off sometimes...


You're my boy, Blue! (Sean Gee)

Sick new work from my house mate Sean Gee (CLICK HIS NAME FOR MORE - He's better than you, and I know it)