From now on I shall be using this website: http://www.wix.com/tgpball/illustrator

Graduating is scary.

Here's my new business card as well. (used a soldering iron to burn into some fire wood)


The fall of Polybotes

The second of a two series poster on Gigante Polybotes, who was defeated by Poseidon during the Gigantomachy.


Polybotes - Gigante (Part 1)

Part 1 of a two part poster on Polybotes, who fought Poseidon in the Gigantomachy. 
Because blogger is shit, I've had to save a smaller size. The original posters are 32 cm x 135 cm - purposely made this size for my degree show display board. I'm extremely pleased with how these have turned out, never before have I put so much detail into an image.


Creative Spark - Sheffield Hallam University Degree Show 2011

Come to this! (Culmination of 3 years of work at University studying Graphic Design - Illustration)



Split pin character to be assembled for the book. I will post photos when I have them finished! Deadline tomorrow. Final push. 48+ hours no sleep.


TWELVE - Story Board Project

Final image in my story. It is a return to the fractured normality like in the initial images. The blood of Peter still lingers in the water, washing his entering footsteps away from the beach below. I'm thoroughly happy with the finished collection of illustrations and really hope it will show that I can story board stories effectively (together with my sketchbook workings)

ELEVEN - Story Board Project

11th image from my story. The pier is shattered and Peter is stranded on the middle of the pier, helpless.
I have yet to finish the split pin character (as character design is not my strong point) but the images will come good, once it is introduced. It will also create a more user related piece of work, something not commonly seen in the world of the 'zine'.

TEN - Story Board Project

10th Image in my story. The pier begins to cracked, isolating Peter at the end of the pier. The last remaining white feather from the previous frame begins to slowly drift into the distance. (Thought i'd made a massive cock up on my whole set of smaller images before this one, but it turns out, it was only this one that i made 70 cm x 74 cm, instead of mm. Phew)


NINE - Story Board Project

9th image in my story. After math of the Peter's Bird's investigation beneath the forbidden pier. A single white feather and a blood stained darkened sea remains.


EIGHT - Story Board Project

8th image for my story. Peter releases from its cage, his courageous and trusty bird that helped him capture the wolf at his grand father's house. It flies up to investigate the pier and disappears underneath, only to not return. Dark.

SEVEN - Story Boarding Project

Image seven for the story. The final of the three on one page. I've got "Another one bites the dust" by Queen in my head as i'm working. Why never a song that I like? Or at least that's a good one that I don't like. Meh.

SIX - Story Boarding Project

Seem to be falling like dominoes now, this is the 6th image for my story. In this image, Peter is planning his "monster catching" with drawings on the wall. Really pleased with how this has turned out. I hope the rest come out okay. Still no luck with image 4...

FIVE - Story Boarding Project

Fifth image of my story boarding project is finished. FOUR was giving me a bit of aggro so i'm going to reproach it later. (maybe if i haven't thrown my laptop out the window). These next three are slightly smaller, so they can be arranged on the same illustration page, to show time passing - it will be clearer when I can show the final finished layouts)


Three - Story Boarding Project

Third, this time, finished frame for my project. 

Three - Story Boarding Project (Screen shot)

Just a little screen shot of the third image for my Peter and the Wolf sequel story. Just looked nice.

TWO - Storyboarding Project

Peter, arriving at his cousin's Beach House after leaving his Grand Father's house in the woods. This is going to be a LONG week.


First Image - Storyboarding Project

I've been a bit quiet on the happenings of my second project, partly through suffering a fair few panic attacks/crisis of confidence, and partly because the rough sketches were piling up very quickly and I didn't have time to scan them all in. Here is the first image, completely finished, and just awaiting the laying out of the final output. I'm extremely please with how this has turned out and very excited to see my final out come.

The story is a sequel to Peter and The Wolf, in which he leaves his grand father's home for a trip to the beach to visit his cousins, only to be confronted by a shadowed night dwelling demon.


Ceryneian Hind - Greek Beast Two. (Third Edit)

Third attempt. There was something that wasn't sitting quite right in the last version. I'm much happier with this version, though i think there is some final tweaking to be done..

Ceryneian Hind - Greek Beast Two. (Second Edit)

This is the second digital version of the Ceryneian Hind. A few things i've changed from the original, much happier with this version.


Ceryneian Hind - Greek Beast Two.

The Ceryneian Hind was sacred to Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt, animals and unmarried women. It had enormous golden antlers and hooves of bronze or brass. It was also said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. Its capture was one of the 12 labours of Hercules.

It is such a rich story as there are many different accounts of whether or not Hercules actually captured the beast, some saying that he caught it while is slept and others say that he encountered Artemis and she told everyone that he completed his task even though he had not.

This is my depiction of the Ceryneian Hind, a regal, beautiful creature. I will print this in lino onto gold paper to get the full effect of the gold colour. I even went as far as to make my own Herring Bone photoshop brush for the trees, which i'm extremely pleased with. (Message me if you want the brush)



First run of small lino for one of my greek beasts - the Teumessian Fox (3 Colour Lino - slightly smaller than A5)


WOOD CUT/CUT WOOD (and the occasional finger)

Wood cuts are now being produced for my greek mythology project. I felt it appropriate as the wood would lend itself nicely to providing a degree of authenticity, despite the greek myths...well, being myths. So far the process is going much quicker than I anticipated (which is a good thing that I am certainly not taking for granted) but quite painful as the occasional accidental stab-myself-in-the-hand happens. Oops.


"Woodlands Series"

"Woodlands Series" is a 4 piece drawing I have done over the past day, incorporating some recent pattern work i've been experimenting with. All pieces are drawn onto some old rigid postal packet. Being a hoarder pays off sometimes...


You're my boy, Blue! (Sean Gee)

Sick new work from my house mate Sean Gee (CLICK HIS NAME FOR MORE - He's better than you, and I know it)



I was asked to do three t-shirt designs for one of Sheffield best Independent retailers; KUJI SHOP
Here are the final printed t-shirts, available to buy online or in store on Ecclesall Road soon! x


Mr Scruffs (ROUGHS) - Teumessian Fox

For one of my final projects of my final year of my degree in illustration (bricking it) I've chosen to illustrate some of the lesser known Greek Beasts of forgotten (or at least not often remembered) myths. I've long been fascinated by the classic tales and enthralling stories and only on further looking into the area did I find even richer and exciting stories that seemingly have been forgotten or cast aside by other popular stories. The vast majority of people will have heard of Minotaurs, Centaurs and the Kraken. But ask an every day person if they've heard of a Teumessian Fox or a Ceryneian Hind and you'd most likely receive a look befitting that of a mental patient.

I will be selecting 3 - 5 beasts and illustrate them in hoping they highlight the richness and excitement I got when reading their stories.

For now, enjoy these...x



British Identity Crisis - Editorial Brief

So, we're extremely lucky to have Lynne Chapman teaching some of us this last term and a bit and she briefed us last thursday with another Radio Times brief and a shorter space of time than the last brief Frazer set. This is been a great exercise and much to my surprise it's helped me way more than I thought it would have and I've actually really enjoyed it/now reconsidering my self directed briefs. Initially set to help us with our rough sketching and thumbnail ideas, it's turned into a piece that i'm actually really proud of.

My working quote from the text given: "We ask if Britain is having an identity crisis and, if so, whether it should give any cause for concern."

The idea of a traditional English Gentleman, made obvious by his suit and moustache being confused and using a traditional english Tea cup instead of the normal bowler hat. I liked playing with the sense of humour which doesn't often come into my work. I am extremely pleased with the rate of turn around of this piece and the quality of finishing.

Here is a piece that i tried, but didn't work quite as well as I hoped. Similar idea, just a different layout.


Alzheimer's Editorial Brief - Radio 4 (Uni)

My final piece for a University set brief.
"The Olfactory senses in the nose can evoke memories by associating them with smells"
The idea behind my work comes from the phrase "An elephant never forgets" and utilising the trunk as an image to link memory to the nose. It is slightly more conceptual that I usually work, though not the strongest piece of conceptual work I could have produced. I feel it still works well as an editorial piece as the elephant trunk is quickly identifiable and with the heading linking to "Memories" or "Alzheimer's Disease" works well with the text.


Illustration Rally - Rotherham Exhibition Feature for Stars In Stripes

The wonderful Natsuki of Illustration Rally was lovely enough to post about our event last night. Big Props  to all those who came it was a lovely evening!

Illustration Rally



Don't Panic Feature for Rotherham Exhibition

Whoooooo, Stars in Stripes Rotherham Exhibition has gained a little feature on Sheffield's Don't Panic.
Lovely Jovely.

Exhibition opening is this Thursday by the way, get yourselves down!

Link to the review HERE



Joseph Feather - Motion Graphics

I've just watch a really great video produced by a friend on the same course at University studying Motion Graphics. Fantastically simple but direct use of motion type. Well worth a watch.

Level 6 Graphic Design - Competitive Design Brief - 'Fakery' from Joseph Feather on Vimeo.



My apologies for the delay, with dissertation and lack of camera i've not had any final photos.
Here they are, my first solo wall mural!

Greed Poster by Sean Gee

Photos by Greg Thomas



I have finally completed all my illustrations for The Outsider, House of Illustration competition. I have also redesigned my front cover, as the other was lacking and did not link well with the other illustrations.

Illustration 1. "All I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears. I stood there, motionless" Part 1. Chapter 3, page 33. (i've had to shorten this quote due to the requirements of the competition - my bad)

Illustration 2. "...a crime made worse than sordid by the fact they were dealing with a monster. A man without morals" Part 2, Chapter 3, pp 95-96

Illustration 3. "I am on your side. But you have no way of knowing it, because your heart is blind" Part 2, Chapter 5, Pg 120. (would just like to point out that, given the image used, I am not anti christianity, it is simply the character in the books rejection of the chaplains wish for him to turn to God before his execution)

This is the folio binding. After completing the illustrations for inside the book I realised my cover wasn't totally befitting or just generally as good, so I came up with this idea, playing with the shadows i'd used within the other illustrations but focussing on the main event of the book, the killing on the beach.
This much more exciting image and one that i feel would really work to sell the book.

Well, fingers crossed they go down well but they are to be sent off immediately! Hooray! I'm going to go eat Chicken Casserole. WIN! x


Illustration 3 - Finished

Third and final illustration for the house of illustration competition. Very pleased with my illustrations so far after my end of 2011 loss of drawing ability, things seem to be looking up.

The quote: "I am on your side, but you have no way of knowing it, because your heart is blind" - Part 2, Chapter 5, page 120

I've played with idea of a rejection of religion, Meursaults refusal to turn to god. This quote is said by the Chaplain, who is almost begging Meursault to see sense. I've brought in Meursault's attitude that seems to become more twisted as the book goes on. He is very much comfortable with the idea of death, the reason behind using the french word for death, on his wrist, playing with the idea that he is "wearing his heart on his sleeve". With his heart "blinded" and full of hate, "Mort" seems a very appropriate word to illustrate subtly into his skin, as it is apart of him.

Tomorrow I shall be redesigning my front cover with a simpler yet stronger image which i hope will work very well indeed.
Until then, Adieu x