Coney Island Side Show - Final Linoleum Cut Prints.


At last. My final piece. Extremely proud with the final outcome of this and strangely fallen in love with the Bearded Lady. She's Beautiful. A long process has shown me benefits and drawbacks of lino printing, but ultimately i've worked out all the kinks and really started a journey with a process that i feel i've rea;;y begun to master and produce good work with. So yes, why delay any longer i hear you say? Enjoy this. All hand printed (minus the yellow insert which was digitally produced and laser printed) Run of 5 prints (around 19 indiviual prints per finished item!) Fully worth the effort, less the trapped nerve in my shoulder!

Front Cover. I went with a red, white and blue theme because of the colours of America. Simple and ledgible I feel this really works. Wish the type would've printed better on numbers 3-5 in the series but the first two were used for my portfolio and are in fact at university waiting to be handed in. I think it was due to using Rough Watercolour paper that has a very grainy surface. I will use a smoother rough paper next time. "Learn wisdom from the follies of others" as some kind chap posted as a comment on the poster in the last post (still awaiting to see my errors pointed out...git)

This is the back of the Lino wrapping. The clours printed on the front have linked very nicely into introducing a sticker which binds the two edges together.


A close up on the sticker. Probably one of the more fiddly pieces I produced to print with.


Left is "The Bearded Lady, my evergrowing love, and on the right is "Cyclops". I tried to created characters based on past and current members of the actual Coney Island Side Show but I also wanted to put my own little spin on things to produce some original characters. I'm not an amazing character designer but I am very pleased with the cast of my Side Show.


Right is "The Almight Blob", a kind of dig to out American counter parts and also just had a brilliant time drawing him up. I love the nature of Lino Cuts and inparticular how he has a kind of glow coming from his left Moob. Right is the "Fire Breather", the lino I most impressed myself with.


When tasking myself with producing a colour and black and white poster, I naturally approached the colour poster first, knowing I would be able to produce something very visually exciting. This was me subconciously delaying the undertaking of the black and white poster. I struggled with this greatly, more than anything I was required to do for this Self Directed brief. I can't even explain why. However, I soon realised that it was a tad unnecessary, and began to think more on promotional lines as if the Side Show was going to come to Sheffield. I thought a flyer, to be inserted into my lino cut piece would be a good idea if were to ever happen. After trying to print on a numbers of different colours, the yellow really stood out as something that would not be easily ignored. I am geuinely very pleased with my work as well as myself and will continute to print on a regular basis. I hope everyone enjoys it too.

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