Harley - Wall Illustrations

As "The Stars In Stripes", we were asked to provide illustrations for the walls of the Harley at the top of West Street. It turned out to be a great day with some amazing drawings being created. Top stuff. Check out the photos of my work here, or pop along to the Harley itself, or look at the Stars In Stripes Blog in a couple of days when the work gets posted up there! Enjoy x

I provided some linking illustrations between the larger pieces by Hailey Evenett, George Law, Alix and Louise Wheeler. I used my cloud illustrations, which is becoming something of an old guard in my illustration arsenal, to link together some really fantastic drawings. The paper aeroplanes and token dashed lines really tied the whole thing together really well.

Here I chose to illustrate a Tiki Head, something I had not drawn since being in school. The idea came from Tiki heads being used to protect peoples homes/villages etc, and this being the Harley Hotel reception area, I thought it would be a nice idea to ward off any evil spirits/crackheads.

Rabbit Portal jumped on a piece of work i'd started off once I was comfortable with the amount i'd done. I was blown away by how he transformed the simple crest and eagle claw I did into the final image he created, and also that i got to work with him anyway. His work is absolutely brilliant and it was a really honour to finally meet him after following him on twitter for ages! Sound for now, i'm going off to work on bar at V festival this weekend. Peace x

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