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Hantu Cathedral Show - Live Art "Sheffield"

So, Saturday was the Hantu Fashion/Music/Art show at The Cathedral. Literally one of the most beautiful places i've a) been inside and b) done live art in (Soyo is cool...but come's a Cathedral)
We had a little "Versus" with us "New School" Illustrators against the "Old School" Graffiti Writers, headed up by our friend Casper. It was a fantastic atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was deemed a "draw" but personally, if a little bias, thought we came out on top as the MC who was trying to get a group shout of which they preferred, kind of lost everyones interest because we all wanted to go to the after party (fair enough really). The theme was "Sheffield" so we use the old iconic image of the cooling towers (you knew you where in Sheffield when you saw them on the journey in) with some of out own personal touches. It looked amazing when finished and I hope you think so too. Collaboration with the usual Stars In Stripes bunch: Louise Wheeler, George Law, Hailey Evenett and Sarah Abbott.

P.S. I'm slightly concerned by the number of "quotes" I've put in...oh well. x

Photo Credits: Georgina Sarah Martin (first two) and Hailey Evenett.

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