Ceryneian Hind - Greek Beast Two.

The Ceryneian Hind was sacred to Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt, animals and unmarried women. It had enormous golden antlers and hooves of bronze or brass. It was also said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. Its capture was one of the 12 labours of Hercules.

It is such a rich story as there are many different accounts of whether or not Hercules actually captured the beast, some saying that he caught it while is slept and others say that he encountered Artemis and she told everyone that he completed his task even though he had not.

This is my depiction of the Ceryneian Hind, a regal, beautiful creature. I will print this in lino onto gold paper to get the full effect of the gold colour. I even went as far as to make my own Herring Bone photoshop brush for the trees, which i'm extremely pleased with. (Message me if you want the brush)

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