Here is a selection of photographs I found whilst rummaging around. Had a bit of a Black and White phase, back on with some neutral and custom settings now mind. Hope you like them. I also do some gig photography, so if anyone is interested - I don't charge, no more than free entry anyway - just send me an email or whatever. + tomx_10@hotmail.com +

Above is a photo of Sheffield Train Station. This was taken as a part of our photography project (final post for TIME magazine below). This was just an exercise at the beginning, but turned out to be a nice photo. The building itself is beautiful, combing and old aesthetic with a new exuberance. It's a brilliant welcome to Sheffield and at the centre of a really exciting and ever growing city. I'm proud to be here to study, and think i'm pretty set on staying here for a while...

These are some photos that I took on my Dslr, whilst Snowboarding in Austria (thankfully my camera was not broken!). I was experimenting with some lighting and shutter speeds whilst catching some breaks on the slope. Austria is beautiful, definitely check it out if you can.

This is possibly one of my favourite photos i've ever taken. Cruised down a relatively easy slope, when Tom Davies (name and shame) took a massive bail (off picture right). We were basically in a cloud and there was an incredible light coming over the hill just illuminating the edges of trees. Truly unbelievable, I feel so lucky I got to see it. AND Tom's bail. haha.

Catching a break at a restaurants. That frankfurter was awful.

Johnny Flynn. I think I might be a little bit in love with this guy. I love his music, and went to see him play at Owl Parliament in Islington Chapel in February this year. (Clearly going through my Black and White phase here) Also, an example of my gig photography, should you be interested...

This here was a little Andy Goldsworthy inspired project I did with Lauren Shevills, whilst bored a bit a little while ago. We cleared and area around an interesting, half dying "giraffe like" tree stump and surrounded with a stacked wooden wall. Around another tree (above) we used some infected birch tree that was dyed blue by a fungus to create a circle. It looked real nice.


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