I have finally completed all my illustrations for The Outsider, House of Illustration competition. I have also redesigned my front cover, as the other was lacking and did not link well with the other illustrations.

Illustration 1. "All I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears. I stood there, motionless" Part 1. Chapter 3, page 33. (i've had to shorten this quote due to the requirements of the competition - my bad)

Illustration 2. "...a crime made worse than sordid by the fact they were dealing with a monster. A man without morals" Part 2, Chapter 3, pp 95-96

Illustration 3. "I am on your side. But you have no way of knowing it, because your heart is blind" Part 2, Chapter 5, Pg 120. (would just like to point out that, given the image used, I am not anti christianity, it is simply the character in the books rejection of the chaplains wish for him to turn to God before his execution)

This is the folio binding. After completing the illustrations for inside the book I realised my cover wasn't totally befitting or just generally as good, so I came up with this idea, playing with the shadows i'd used within the other illustrations but focussing on the main event of the book, the killing on the beach.
This much more exciting image and one that i feel would really work to sell the book.

Well, fingers crossed they go down well but they are to be sent off immediately! Hooray! I'm going to go eat Chicken Casserole. WIN! x

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