The Outsider - Albert Camus (progress updates)

So, I've been uncommonly quiet of late, which is completely down to how much my dissertation is killing me. Writing is not my strong point. However, I have been hammering away at the Folio Society Book Cover Redesign competition for The Outsider by Albert Camus.
Here's a couple of screen shots of the binding design and one of the 3 illustrations i've been doing for passages in the text. Only two more to go!

The Folio Binding - I've produced an aerial view of a town, with the buildings and back alleyways grounding the image to make the roads seem to rise above. This is because on reading the book and seeing that the main character, after committing a crime and being sentenced to death has an argument with a priest who says that the character should turn to God and he will be accepted into Heaven, yet the character refuses. I have tried to represent this as subtly as possible, with the Crucifix created out of the roads, and being upside down and set at an angle to show not only the characters rejection of religion but to show that faith in general is either lacking or is in question. The blood red type along the spine was a natural choice based on the motifs of the book.

The first of 3 Illustrations for the inside of the book, based on a passage of text.
 "I left his room, closing the door behind me, and paused for a minute in the dark, on the landing. The house was quiet, and a breath of dark, dank air wafted p from deep in the stairwell. All I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears. I stood there, motionless." Part 1, Chapter 3, pg. 33

Missing from this is the character who will be standing to the right of the frame. I have used a lot of texture to highlight the sunlight and will play around with fading out the sunlight to give a bit more mood in the piece. I'm very happy with how both of my pieces have turned out so far, looking forward to getting the rest done!

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