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Illustration 3 - Finished

Third and final illustration for the house of illustration competition. Very pleased with my illustrations so far after my end of 2011 loss of drawing ability, things seem to be looking up.

The quote: "I am on your side, but you have no way of knowing it, because your heart is blind" - Part 2, Chapter 5, page 120

I've played with idea of a rejection of religion, Meursaults refusal to turn to god. This quote is said by the Chaplain, who is almost begging Meursault to see sense. I've brought in Meursault's attitude that seems to become more twisted as the book goes on. He is very much comfortable with the idea of death, the reason behind using the french word for death, on his wrist, playing with the idea that he is "wearing his heart on his sleeve". With his heart "blinded" and full of hate, "Mort" seems a very appropriate word to illustrate subtly into his skin, as it is apart of him.

Tomorrow I shall be redesigning my front cover with a simpler yet stronger image which i hope will work very well indeed.
Until then, Adieu x

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