Mr Scruffs (ROUGHS) - Teumessian Fox

For one of my final projects of my final year of my degree in illustration (bricking it) I've chosen to illustrate some of the lesser known Greek Beasts of forgotten (or at least not often remembered) myths. I've long been fascinated by the classic tales and enthralling stories and only on further looking into the area did I find even richer and exciting stories that seemingly have been forgotten or cast aside by other popular stories. The vast majority of people will have heard of Minotaurs, Centaurs and the Kraken. But ask an every day person if they've heard of a Teumessian Fox or a Ceryneian Hind and you'd most likely receive a look befitting that of a mental patient.

I will be selecting 3 - 5 beasts and illustrate them in hoping they highlight the richness and excitement I got when reading their stories.

For now, enjoy these...x


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