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British Identity Crisis - Editorial Brief

So, we're extremely lucky to have Lynne Chapman teaching some of us this last term and a bit and she briefed us last thursday with another Radio Times brief and a shorter space of time than the last brief Frazer set. This is been a great exercise and much to my surprise it's helped me way more than I thought it would have and I've actually really enjoyed it/now reconsidering my self directed briefs. Initially set to help us with our rough sketching and thumbnail ideas, it's turned into a piece that i'm actually really proud of.

My working quote from the text given: "We ask if Britain is having an identity crisis and, if so, whether it should give any cause for concern."

The idea of a traditional English Gentleman, made obvious by his suit and moustache being confused and using a traditional english Tea cup instead of the normal bowler hat. I liked playing with the sense of humour which doesn't often come into my work. I am extremely pleased with the rate of turn around of this piece and the quality of finishing.

Here is a piece that i tried, but didn't work quite as well as I hoped. Similar idea, just a different layout.

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