Explode In

Another painting i've just finished. Hitting a bit of a stride with these, really excited for my output. I hope you like them. All available for purchase (just suggest a price based on what you would want to pay for it)

Above is the final image. Started as layers of scrap paper and receipts, couple with layers upon layers of spray paint, ink and acrylic paint. I wanted to keep a black and white theme with this. I then began my usual experimentation within the piece to formulate a final image. It started once again, with the addition of some vertical ink lines as another city scape. As I was working within the boundary of the actual canvas area, I began to see a shaped outer edge. The result came down to produce a hand, grasping an exploding image. The rest of the imagery and workings just seemed to flow out of me. I loved how quickly this piece came out, taking only about 6 days.

These shapes are spare parts. Components making up a final machine, that has been exploded within a boundary.

This is one of my favourite sections of the piece, only actually measuring about 8 cm by 10 cm. I often forget the power of the letter stencils. I love how the outlined letters provide small windows of sections to the backing paint layers. I'm really happy with this final output.

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