I've called this poster "Proud". We had the task of creating a poster no larger than A3 to show a "Dog Exercise Machine". With my chosen breed, the Border Collie, I began designing some over extravagent designs of machines. I liked none of them. I went back to my initial thought process and figured that because the Collie is a working farm dog, I should keep it within an agricultural theme. Also, knowing first hand that Border Collies are insane and need exercise at least 5 times a day, I produced a poster reflecting a truer "machine" for exercise. I've always pictures Collies as very proud, intelligent dogs and that is exactly how I have portrayed my dog here. The style i've used is also very rustic with the technique i've applied. I still had the challenge of incorporating some montage as a requirement of the brief, but feel i've pulled it off with the cut out tractor over the hill. I'm very pleased the final outcome,  I hope everyone enjoys it also.