Review - Term 1

It's been a really interesting term. I feel completely at ease. I've not felt unhappy with the course at all, and certainly not since choosing my specialism.
After undertaking the Illustration pathway, I've fully realised that I've always been an Illustrator. It comes so naturally to me and I absolutely love just sitting and spilling my mind onto a page.
With the briefs we've been given, I feel that i've responded very well to each of them. The reportage drawings of figures went better than I thought and I developed my double page spread ability. With the "Dog Exercise Machine" I've created something that I really love. I'm so happy with the outcome and it's improved my ability with photoshop substantially. I'm much quicker and more accurate with the programme and this will only better my design in the future.
This improvement has given me time to do a poster for one of the guest lectures next year. Whether it will be used or not is besides the point, i'm merely commenting on the freedom i've had because i've been able to work quickly and efficiently.
I feel now that I am totally limitless. I've really hit a stride with my illustration and my imagination is flowly unhindered and constant. I'm very excited for the upcoming term. I'm even more excited about my future as an Illustrator.

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