A Lifetime Lost

Whilst routing around for old books for some inspiration and just general things to do out of pure boredom, I found this beutiful collection of stamps from far and wide, assembled by my Dad when he was a kid and seemingly didn't have any technology/electricity. It's sad to think, that collections like this are now condemned to an "antique" pigeon hole to never be revived. Through the culture I have been brought up in, and how it's "fast food" nature has resulted in such high demand for quickness and accuracy, I can't deny that this is something I wouldn't start doing. My patience is too short. That's also why books like the one I found are so wonderful. These are just a small selection of some of the pages. They have proven to be a brilliant insight into my own design. I now see that on a large scale, things are much easier to communicate, but on the scale of a stamp, that can't be more than an inch in size, the detail and design has to be perfect. Truly amazing specimens and also a huge kick up the arse for my attention to detail. *(APOLOGIES FOR THE RUBBISH SCANS)*

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