In order to focus myself even further throughout my course of study (Illustration) I am going to conceive an action plan, hoping to generate more ideas and start myself on an intensive work ethic that will prepare me for a professional design job.

1) Produce a thought book (each month, or project) - I struggle greatly with my thoughts. I lucid dream, and often completely phase out and lose myself for extended amounts of time. This isn't a problem as such, I often generate massive amounts of ideas but I just don't ever get them down quick enough. I dislike this about myself very much. I have let so many good ideas go because I've not had any method of recording them. This is why it is number 1 on my action plan. I will collect thoughts, illustrations, things I've found, memories and conversations throughout the next year and compile them in small books that I will bind myself. I will be able to refer to this at any time, to keep my focus on illustration and keep my focus...well, focused.

2) Illustrate every day. I will produce at least two finished pages of my sketchbook everyday. This will be a good measure of my strength as an illustrator and my ability to generate designs to a self set deadline.

3) Camera/Sketchbook. Take everywhere. If there is one thing I do not do enough, is actually taking the things I need to use the most, wherever I go. This must be a principal of my attitude from now on. Reflecting on this, I feel that I should have been doing this for a long time.

4) More Reflection. I feel a lot of that time that I just produce a lot of imagery, with no real explanation. I understand, that a lot of the time, my drawings are pulled from nothing - an image I've thought up, or something I've seen a couple of weeks prior to actually drawing it. I need to get myself into the habit of reflection to benefit futures design, so that I can link in drawings from a long time ago and use them in new designs more effectively because I know exactly where the initial ones are derived from and what connection they have with a current project.

This plan, I hope, will help me develop as a designer, readying myself for a professional career. It will develop my skills, attitude and output, and also, hopefully have an effect on my responsibility within design and to myself as an Illustrator

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