Summer Reflection

A busy summer allowed me a short amount of time to focus on doing my own work. I used my camera to generate an image bank, for my own use (further design) and to make up for my lack of pen to paper activity. The work i produced as a result of going to Amsterdam i felt was a really good effort from myself. I tend to somewhat lose the ability to draw (i have noticed this recently since the finish of the Consumer brief). To an extent i forget how i actually put pen to paper when creating illustrations, though i am never actually conscious of it to begin with. I like this detatchment i have from my drawing. Though with a clear image in mind, I tend to just let the drawings fall out of my mind, and out of my pen. This way, i really like how i don't get pulled or swayed by anything, certainly my own mind.

In reflection, i really felt my drawings could've been stronger, but i like the double page spreads, which i don't tend to attempt when drawing. I get put off by the ring binded, and folds in a regular stitched sketchbook. From this, i feel i need to take myself out of my comfort zone more often, as i got really excited by the things i produced.

GENERAL REFLECTION : Positive and Focussed.

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