These are a few monsters I made from paper at Ashlee's whilst watching TV. I have never really experimented with paper sculptures or anything but I had the work of Jean Jullien in mind when I did these and just plucked them out of the depths of my mind. I think they only took me a couple of minutes each to illustrate and then photograph. Overall i'm really happy with how they turned out.

The one above was a drawing i've done a couple of times before and never really been totally satisfied with. I think it works much better with a new 3-D element to it. The next step would be to give it some colour and maybe even hang a speech bubble next to it as a kind of mini installation. "AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH" something along those lines.

This one was done with a old rizzla packet. Started with the pumpkin scary man and then I thought of it scaring a child, which I have drawn escaping through the slit in the paper. I really like this one. I will do some more paper sculptures in future experiments I think.

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