DUHHHHHHH. I have been set on doing illustration even before I started my first year at University. Yet, in the past two days, I have been drastically confused.

HAND MADE - I've had a huge history of fine art based creation, coming from Art at GCSE and Alevel, and producing 3-D work for product design. Also, a lot of my personal work was painting and sculpture based. I love make things. I love learning skills. I learnt how to knit, just because i think the process is fascinating, that a scarf that could be up to 2 meters long, is actually one continuous piece of wool

ILLUSTRATION - I love drawing. I have great passion for it. From drawing on things that aren't mine with a pen i found during the day, to carving things into tables with spoons because I can't find pen or paper, just so that i don't forget what i'm thinking about it, and so that my imagination and response to something is not overlooked.

When i do graduate, when i do choose a specific illustration within discipline i can see myself becoming a screen printer, but also i would be interested in illustration for children's books as i have two young nephews (and that i think some of the books they have are utter crap).
I obviously would love to have my own studio, but that would be further down the line. I would love to continue a bit more within film graphics, like that of my involvement with the Harry Potter graphics department.
More than anything i would love to go to Prague and work, purely based on recommendations made from family and friends.


I have never had trouble deciding what I wanted to do. Not this much trouble anyway.
So it went to a coin toss, refereed by Sean Gee.
Heads = Illustration
Tails = Hand Made

Illustration win.
(normally I would go to a best of three - I didn't want to tempt fate any further)

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